Tuesday, August 31, 2004

This is the Sophie top I have just finished using Linen Print. It knitted up like a dream, though it did roughen up my hands a bit!

It is in the Linen print collection booklet in stripes of three colours, but I only had one colour of yarn! I may sew up the front keyhole opening to preserve my modesty a bit :o) Posted by Hello


Ceci said...

I love your colors choices on all your projects, and I LOVE this top! I'm so glad you posted the close-up below so we could see the yarn because it's gorgeous. I say BAH! with losing weight and preserving modesty. Both rather overrated when compared to getting to say, "Where did I get it? Oh, I made it!" over and over again when you wear it out. ;) Fun blog! Thanks for sharing!


Faerynuff said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Ceci!